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Horse racing is a very interesting activity to partake in and of course what makes it more interesting is the betting aspect. It is sometimes impossible for fanatics to attend the game and do the betting there. This is where on line betting comes in to play. Before one bets, it is important to know the tips and tricks that will help you to come out victorious.

One of the aspects that you need to look out before betting is the fitness of the horse itself. It must be fully fit for the race. This includes free of injuries and good health. You ought to check the history of the horse and ensure that it has been fit for most of the time. A horse that is just recovering from an injury must be avoided because a comeback will be hard no matter how good it was before the injury.

The jockey is also an important element to check before placing your bet. Before placing the bet, ensure that the rider is one that has been associated with wins. It will not be hard to know this as fans and investors will always know who is good and who is not. Do not trust your money on some one you have not heard about before as you may loose a lot compared to what you will gain if he turns out to be good.

The state of the trainer will also tell a lot in terms of the success of the race. The skill and experience of the coach will determine whether you will win the race or not. A good coach has a high and better chance of having the horse win the race compared to a poor coach. Make sure that the horse you choose to support has a coach who has a good reputation.

Consistency of the animal’s performance is very important when betting. Make sure that the animal is associated with consistent winning. This will involving looking at its previous records. The records must be good and constantly improving. An animal with a record of suddenly climbing or dropping should not be included in the bet as its performance is unpredictable.

Prior conditions under which the horse has competed and won must be also checked beforehand. This will mean that the horse must have raced in similar conditions and came out the winner for it to be considered good at racing. One that has won in different conditions and has never competed in those at hand must be eliminated from the list of prospects. Those which have also won in different conditions but not the current must not be chosen.

The distance that the animal can cover effectively is also very important to check out. This way you have to check at its race record in terms of the distance it can cover. The distance must be similar or lesser than the one too be covered in the race you are betting it. If the track is longer, the animal may get tired and thus fail to perform as expected.

The breed of the horse in question will tell a lot about its ability to win. Different breeds perform differently on the track. Be careful to select the ones associated with speed and ability to stand tough and varying conditions. Other features like weight, post positions and body length will play a very important role in determining whether your bet will be fruitful or not.

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