A Look At Horse Racing

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Horse racing is an equestrian sport that is enjoyed by countless numbers of people worldwide. It goes hand in hand with gambling as people love placing bets on the outcome of the sport. There are so many different types of horses and races that this article will address a few to help the reader better understand the beloved sport. People of all ages and backgrounds seem to enjoy this sport.

The first type of horse racing is known as flat racing. This is a form of Thoroughbred racing where the horses race on flat ground for a predetermined distance. Spectators watch from home (if televised) or at the track. Onlookers place their bets and try to guess who the winning contender will be. Millions of people enjoy watching their favorite choice race.

A second type of horse racing is called steeplechasing, or races where they travel over jumps. This type includes jumping over fences and ditches and can offer a lot of excitement for the rider and onlooker. This kind of race began in Ireland and has maintained popularity through the years. This can be a bit challenging for both the rider and the horse.

The horses are usually trained extensively and taught how to jump. A simple mistake, such as a jump on the outside can decrease the speed of the horse quite a bit. Through appropriate training, the horses are taught exactly how to jump and go over hurdles at incredible speeds. Each step is counted and predetermined so that they can have the best odds of winning. Learning about the odds of horse racing is rather important.

Spectators and gamblers enjoy the contagious excitement as they watch and cheer for their favorite horses. This industry is so popular that it has become a billion dollar industry. Continued interest is expected as more and more people look to gamble and place their bets at the races.

The third type of horse racing is normally called harness racing. In this type of race, the horse pulls the driver in a small cart while trotting or pacing. Originally this sport became popular out of necessity of using horses in combat. Through the years, as horses ceased being used in combat, the spectator sport continued as the audience showed a continued interest in the sport.

The types of horses used for the various races can vary greatly. Different breeds are used for different races and certain characteristics are looked for. Whether endurance, or long-distance racing, there can be a need for different types of horses to be used in each race. This sport has its risks and can be dangerous like many sports can be if proper precautions are not followed.

Horse racing has been popular for many years and will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. There is just something contagious about placing your bets on a well-trained animal. People of all ages and walks of life will continue to enjoy this sport as a fun past time and hobby. These races have been known to play a part in the fashion industry as well, as seen by the recent increase of interest in the big hats worn to the various horse races.

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